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"Clear" CD


Genre: prog rock, jazz

July 3 2008

Originally self-released by the band in 1987, Convenience's Clear is a prog relic steeped heavily in jazz. In fact, it often seems to have more in common with a band like Medeski, Martin & Wood than Gong or Pink Floyd. An aesthetically lovely disc, Clear's manages to be consistently quite engaging. Conveniens is at their best during the funkier jazzy moments of this album (sax-heavy "Rowte 66" [sic], deep "Rolling"), as opposed to the more dragging interludes and abstractions (bland "Efiltsitra," overly long "Death by Poetry"). At times, this disc seems a bit disjointed due to its sheer eclecticism, though its varied nature also makes it quite a trip. This is very interesting stuff that will surely appeal to dedicated progheads, while the acid jazz tinges might also lend it some notice outside its genre. Very interesting.


Fun Fact: Since this is an enhanced CD, it comes with an additional little flash animation that's nothing to write home about.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed by CD Baby, released 2008]