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Red Feathers

Self-titled CDEP

Single Screen Records

Genre: indie rock

June 2008

The self-titled EP is tricky business; like fishing, more often than not you end up with a disappointing clump of vegetation. Still, the determined fisherman keeps at it, hoping for the big catch. Red Feathers' EP, then, is the small- to medium-sized fish that keeps our mariner motivated.

These five tracks are comprised of driving, modern indie rock that sounds almost exactly like The Meligrove Band's Planets Conspire but with less orchestral and percussive extravagance. It's somewhat homogeneous stuff, but the whole thing is carried responsibly by the lead singer's effortlessly swooping voice. The main points of interest here are bluesy "Walk Out That Door" and direly acrimonious "Young Love," which could easily be mistaken for a Meligrove live recording. Middle tracks "The House" and "I Wander" exploit the same formula but fumble into mediocrity. The exception to the homogeneity is "Where Have We Come?," a surprisingly wonderful foray into folky 60s psych rock. Fortune lies ahead if Red Feathers can distill the more original moments of their music and build an album out of them.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2008]