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The Vision of a Dying World

"Skelephone Call From the Upper East Side" CDEP

Single Screen Records

Genre: indie rock

June 2008

Skelephone Call marks the second EP I've encountered from friendly indie rockers The Vision of a Dying World, and it is undoubtedly a step up. Right from the drastic opening of "Darkness," replete with urgent guitar chiming and powerful vocal harmonies, this EP flails along vibrantly. Dense and vaguely country-ish "Skelephone Call" also rocks solid, and "Hard All Night" zips along by way of its jean-creaming riffage. An appropriate Daniel Johnston cover ("Held the Hand") also works to the EP's advantage, although mediocre "The Sacred Union of Two Young Lovers" would have fared better as a mid-90s grunge clone b-side. Still, Skelephone Call is a confident stride forward from this San Diegan quartet, and I have a feeling the world has yet to see the best from them (assuming it doesn't die first).

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2008]