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"This Grand Show" CD

Vendlus Records

Genre: metal, progressive metal

San Francisco, USA

Nov 11, 2008

This Grand Show indeed. Grayceon makes this record into a veritable circus of metal, rendering epics in progressive metal and weaving them together with a healthy dose of electric cello. The result is a hefty album in five songs, although "movements" is perhaps more apt. The record starts with a great build-up in "It Begins, and So It Ends," which sounds as if it could accompany the opening scenes of a film about a nautical voyage that takes an unexpected turn or five. There is the sense of an impending epic - an extended, tumultuous journey over mercurial waters.

The band's use of electric cello distinguishes them from many other metal bands, lending their already-hefty songs a sense of magnitude and emotional depth. Eleven minute "Still the Desert" seems to typify Grayceon's sound; power chords give way to more introspective lulls, resulting in a dynamic and surprisingly infectious musical adventure. Twenty minute "Sleep" is the record's sprawling centrepiece, a rapidly metamorphosing odyssey that spends most of its time broodingly building to its satisfying climaxes. It is the most introspective piece on This Grand Show, and along with "Sleep" the most ultimately enjoyable.

As it stands, This Grand Show lives up to its title and kicks some pretty serious ass to boot. Fans of Opeth and other progressive metal bands will find a lot to sink their teeth into on Grayceon's sophomore full-length.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by the label, released Nov 11, 2008]