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Mochipet / Dental Work

"2008 Erections" split CDR EP

Placenta Recordings / Daly City Records

Genre: breakcore, IDM, experimental

Michigan & California, USA

Nov 21 2008

Limited to 100 copies and in swell CDR format, this brief split disc pits breakcore wizard Mochipet (n David Wang) against the DIY noise-techno outlet Dental Work (n Jay Watson). Mochipet, whose resume includes an album on Tigerbeat6 sublabel Violent Turd, is the more polished of the two. His "Barack Obama" - a breakbeat pummelling of classical Chinese music - is done to perfection, neatly carving up a pretty instrumental melody. Meanwhile, his "Hilary Clinton" is more abstract, while "John McCain" rocks like a Republican. On the other end of things, Dental Work comes from a more lo-fi angle, and his tracks are a bit less mathematical in complexity - and considerably weirder. His second track (I can't make out the title) merges weird electronic drone with spastic beats to create an altogether bizarre three minutes, while quaint "Fuck John McCain" is the sound of a Nintendo game being gutted and draped over the walls of an 8-bit slaughterhouse. Mochipet's more traditional breakcore might be the main draw here, but Dental Work's weird sonic experiments are worth a look in their own right.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2008]