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Safe in Sound

"AmusiA" CD


Genre: rock, trip-hop, jazz

Montreal, Canada

Nov 6 2008

A pair of breasts covered with headphones adorns the cover of this release from Montreal-based rock band Safe in Sound. They're nice, hefty headphones - undoubtedly a higher-end model - so you get the sense these folks might know a thing or two about music. Still, this may be one of the very few contexts in which a pair of Ipod earbuds would have have been preferred.

All creepy and perverted jokes aside, Safe in Sound plays relatively accessible, trip-hop influenced rock music. At times they tread dangerously close to Evanescence territory ("No One," "Our Century's Reflex"), but the news isn't all bad. AmusiA is a hard disc to get your head around, mostly because it is quite eclectic. Much of the music is centred on lead singer Emilie Lussier's competent voice. She almost sounds like Sheryl Crow on jazzy "I Thought Dow Jones Was a Country Singer" but it is "Fashionable Suicide" that sees her at her most powerful. Sadly, the result comes off a little too "alt rock" for my tastes.

The album's best portion is the tag team of "Mafia" and "Hidden Years." The former is an intoxicating and whirly bit of jazz-pop, while the latter is cinematic, majestic, and more than a little sinister. Play it loud. Sadly, the entirety of AmusiA doesn't live up to its highs. This is a moody and cinematic record, and the songs that best exploit that atmospheric essence are the better ones on here. But decent melodies are a requirement, too, and several songs get stuck on Evanescence calibre theatrics without establishing a convincing set of pop hooks first. The result is an album that is competent, but not as good as it could have been.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 9 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2008]