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"Lo-Fi Lounge Volume 1" CD

Basement Tape Records

Genre: lo-fi, indie pop


Nov 6 2008

I quite liked Stuporhero's latest album, Weightless, and Lo-Fi Lounge Vol. 1 brings more of the same: short, sweet pop songs performed by a boy, a girl, and an inexplicably inanimate (although presumably male) drummer. This is a collection of 4-track demos and studio outtakes that stands up pretty well on its own, calling to mind the sort of stuff you'd expect to come out on the 555, Darla, or Sarah labels. Indeed, this is lo-fi pop at heart, but shoegaze influences show up from time to time - on "Misery's Company Slogan" and slowcore-esque "Siamese Twins," for example. Of course, over the course of nineteen tracks a few duds are inevitable ("Jr. Hell on Wheels," "Mystery Guitar"), but some really good stuff is also on tap. Lone songwriter Will Troy scores hits with mellow "All the Killers" and infectious "Tunneling." Also charming are tinny nugget "Sideways" and hazy "Paper Airplanes." Overall, Stuporhero has come up with a pleasing (if slightly inconsistent) collection of D.I.Y. pop songs on Lo-Fi Lounge Volume 1. Here's to volume two!

N.B. Lo-fi Lounge is available FOR FREE in its ENTIRETY on the Stuporhero website. Wowee!

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 19 tracks, distributed FREE by the band, released 2008]