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"#3" CD

Helmet Room Recordings

Genre: experimental pop, electronic, pop

Copenhagen, Denmark

Sep 23, 2008

Dark, elegant, and ultimately mesmerising, Antenne's #3 is an excellent mood album with a haunting edge. Mysterious electronics and Marie-Louise Munck's gloomily delicate vocals create a sprawling, non-linear atmosphere that makes #3 a joy to explore. Although less patient listeners may become frustrated with the slow, almost lackadaisical approach employed by Antenne, this album excels because it maintains a melodic sensibility throughout. Relevant frames of reference include a more abstract Portishead, and an experimental Sarah McLachlan, although Antenne is less traditional than either.

Particularly enchanting is the pretty "Blue Light," which builds a miraculous song out of sparse electronics, guitar twinkles, and delicate singing. The background electronics imply a sense of something impending, feeding well into the post-rock-meets-Unkle "Ernst," a haunting instrumental built on a quaint piano loop. Also copacetic are spacey "Long to Kiss," whose foundation is a unique series of electronic tones, and "End," a sinewy mini-epic with a confessional vibe.

Although #3's eight tracks frequently sprawl out to the six minute mark, the album's expansive architecture allows time to elapse without tedium setting in. The result, ultimately, is a wonderfully atmospheric experimental pop record. Because of its elegant maturity, it should also appeal to a wide range of open-minded audiences - essentially, anyone willing to accept its intriguing unconventionality.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2008]