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Dental Work

"Feline AIDS Epidemic" 3" CDR

Placenta Recordings

Genre: noise, sound collage, experimental

Michigan, USA

Oct 8 2008

Dental Work's Jay Watson is the man behind extreme CDR label Placenta Recordings, a very interesting lo-fi imprint that has amassed a hefty discography since its inception in 2006. Frequent collaborators with Dutch net-label Dadaist Audio, Placenta and Dental Work are based out of the small town of Beulah, Michigan (pop. 363) - a humble location for such a bizarre act. Feline AIDS Epidemic is a strange and noisy experience, melding drilling electronic rhythms, dissonant digital noise, and assorted samples into a brief but powerful adventure. The whole thing has a gritty, recycled texture to it, although as might be discerned from the crude crayon drawings on the cover, it is often quite light-hearted. Especially enjoyable is "Video Kitten," a collaboration with 8-Bit Jellyfish that sounds something like life inside a malfunctioning pinball machine. Also noteworthy are vaguely schmaltzy "Reconstructive Surgery" and high-throttle fragment "Onyx." Of course the CDR isn't uniformly great, but diehard experimental noise and sound collage fans should find this disc whimsically delicious.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 13 tracks, 17:31, ltd to 10 copies, distributed by the label, released 2008]