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Night Flowers

Self-titled CDEP


Genre: rock

Toronto, Ontario

Oct 17, 2008

This Toronto-based girl-boy-girl band likens itself to "Fraggle Rock meets Nirvana," but that might be overcomplicating the case. This five track EP is a surprisingly heavy rock record, employing grungy choruses and power chords aplenty. It is a fairly polished affair, drawing comparisons to The Breeders and Bettie Serveert but utilizing a more conventional approach; Elastica and The Cranberries may be closer frames of reference.

The EP's most successful song is the deliciously brooding "Fortune Cookie," which rolls along in a wonderfully dreamy haze, making use of some wonderful synths to achieve a vague shoegazer vibe. It picks up steam near the end, although I find of the moments of slower drear a tad more palatable. "Ground Zero" shares this hazy mood, but turns out a tad less consistent. Sadly, the rest of the EP doesn't match its more promising moments. Six minute "Knock on Wood" is long and tinny, riding a mediocre, repetitious climax to death. "Pep Rally," meanwhile, sounds like it has been ripped straight off of a late nineties teen drama soundtrack - that said, its execution is passable if unspectacular, and it boasts an evocative, dark vibe.

As it stands, Night Flowers is a decent rock band that seems a bit at odd with today's music scene. Likely too "alternative rock" for indie rockers, they sound like the type of folks that might have scored a minor hit in the mid- to late nineties. There is a certain charm here, but potential buyers should approach with caution.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2008]