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Animal Machine

"Nuclear Carnage" CDR

Keep It Frozen Recording

Genre: noise

Masovia, Poland

Sep 15 2008

Nuclear Carnage is Animal Machine's latest album for Polish "global noise" label Keep It Frozen Recordings. What we get is forty-four minutes of dense, harsh noise. Animal Machine, who I promise you are not named after the Vines song of the same name, hail from the Masovia region of eastern Poland and populate this CDR with the high squall of harsh feedback. The chaos is unrelenting and powerful, evoking - quite frankly - a sense of nuclear carnage. Apparently recorded direct to laptop, these sonic outbursts blow at you forcefully and never quit. They shift and stutter at times, but remain strong for the disc's full duration.

Imagine yourself standing alone in an abandoned field as a red and yellow storm blows past you continuously. You should be knocked over, but somehow you remain planted to the ground. Every once in awhile, a barn flies through the air and is gutted upon hitting the earth. Nuclear Carnage is the soundtrack to that, and a must for fans of unadulterated, abrasive noise.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2008]