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Blevin Blectum

"Gular Flutter" CD

Aagoo Records

Genre: experimental electronic

Sep 29 2008

Experimental electronic music has always been a mixed bag. One of the most "insider" genres out there, its star base consists largely of awkward computer nerds and pretentious pseudo-academics. As her zany work in Blevin from Blechdom suggests, Blevin Blectum has really broken the genre's mold with her musical pursuits. Sculpting novel and whimsical sonic adventures in an often un-fun genre, she has been involved in a hefty stream of releases, including 2001's Prix ARS Electronica-honoured The Messy Jesse Fiesta.

Enter Gular Flutter, a cohesive and remarkably melodic glitch album that is surprisingly mature. Each of these ten tracks is more soundscape than song, yet they boast an undeniable accessibility. Case in point: "Mine," which sounds like 94 Diskont era Oval remade for some sort of futuristic club. Beautiful "Cygnet," meanwhile, is a haunting trip best absorbed in the dark, and "Tightly" is a disorienting glitch exploration of dancefloor anthems. However, it is the mesmerizing "Foyer Fire," which calls to mind an over-the-top labyrinth of mechanical parts combining to form a giant Rube Goldberg device, that ranks as Gular Flutter's most vivid and colossal composition. Formed on bleeps and beats, it is less glitch than some of the record's other tracks, but it is a powerful example of electronic music's capacities.

You will want good headphones and atmospheric silence to take Gular Flutter in, but this is a record worthy of preserving for the right context. An often fun but always exhilarating experience, this is the most mature and polished work I've heard from Blectum so far.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2008]