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Fava Beats

"Start Stop" CD

ąG6PD Records

Genre: electronic, IDM


Sep 5 2008

The Start Stop EP is the debut release from Israel's Fava Beats, a talented IDM duo who construct complex yet catchy soundscapes heavy on rhythm and TB-303 squelch. "Soda" is pure AFX, right down to the dirty, juicy acid line - its atmospheric synthesizers reference the Richard D. James of old, but the track's other components have more in common with his recent work. Grittier "Is Samstag a City" is darker in a claustrophobic sort of way, brandishing some hard beats that rank as the EP's best. Finally, "Blood Before Breakfast" resembles a cross between The Tuss' "Shiz Ko E" and old-school IDM - it is the EP's most melodic and memorable moment. Overall, this is well-executed stuff from two scene newcomers - nothing groundbreaking, but fun nonetheless. It is nice to know that, despite recent trends in electro and fidget house, there is still good "intelligent" dance music coming out.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 4 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2008]