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celebrity top ten lists
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In this feature, we asked our favourite musicians, bands, and record labels for their top ten <blanks>.  For example, there are lists such as "top ten animals", "top ten vegetables", and even "top ten things that dangle."  There is a massive variety of bands and labels who compiled these lists, so this should keep you entertained for hours!

Note: These top ten lists were from the very start of Indieville, back when it was supposed to be a print zine.  We've kept it all intact; the format's the same, and the...err... grammar problems are the same.

The Bran Flakes


oh no the modulator

Mike Shiflet

Bip Hop

Irdial Discs


Lucky Kitchen

C. W. Vrtacek


Evolution Control Committee

Social Security



Track Star Records

Ace Of Hearts Records

Mike Audet

Hannes Loeschel<

Sonic Unyon Records

Touch Records


Dischord Records

Cast Exotic Archives

ADSR Records

Thai Elephant Orchestra

Pencil Neck Records

Fonal Records

Chris Cutler

Elastic Fiction Records

Skunkative Records

Mad Monkey Records

Cerberus Shoal

Demosaurus Records

Off Records


Fat Cat Records

spinART Records


Jon Nelson, Host of Some Assembly Required

Birdman Records

Strange Attractors Audio House

Ambiances Magnetiques


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